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I’m voting for her.

As I sat on Election night of 2016, with my mom and sister on the phone, looking at a bleak future, all I could think of was the 40 years of Work that Mom and the rest of the environmental community had done, all of the sacrifices the families of those doing The Work had made and the gains we had received as a society, were in jeopardy. My Mom’s legacy was in jeopardy.

Stone by Stone: Burying an activist, community builder, wife and mother.

We buried mom on Thursday Thor’s Day, God of Thunder Ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius Fitting for the Warrior she was Dragon Lady Defender of Earth Her body, dressed in the splendid purple silk Autumn bought her years ago and Unpolluted by fluids meant to preserve her flesh Laid to rest in a simple pine casket Handcrafted by a Colville man Lined with a Pendleton blanket A cedar filled pillow for her beautiful brain to rest on Tucked into her time capsule were special stones Her feather and staff and The dragon box she cherished, filled with farewell notes of love and gratitude   Her community gathered Friends, allies and Hearts filled with gratitude for her tireless optimism in the fight for Justice They spoke of her journalism Her quest for Truth Her penchant for framing conversations in a way that can be heard by those in power Her commitment to Community, also Barter Fair committees, the Tonasket Co-op, the Tonasket Community Cultural Center, Annual International Mother’s Day March for Peace The list goes on: …