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Finding Joy in the Small Moments

Joy is in the rose gold glow of the clouds at sunrise. They whisper at first, then break into crescendos of colorful song as the sun’s rays playfully tickle their particles.

Joy is in the sea lapping at the shore. The ever-changing line where the waves meet Earth, joy flowing back and forth in the dance between the two.

Joy is in the bird, soaring on the wind. Feeling their body buoyant and coursing through the air.

Joy is in the sweet, tart burst of a sunny apricot as I bite into its flesh, my mouth watering with desire and reveling in the fulfillment.

Joy is in the pup as they run through the meadow. The wind against their face, the scents tantalizing their nose. They stop, tongue lolling, huge grin on their snout and then on again they go, playful and free.

Joy is in the leaves trembling in the sunlight. Soaking in the life-giving rays of the star, feeding the trunk which supports them.

Joy is in the taste of nectar as the butterfly alights on a flower and takes a long, slow sip.

Joy is in finally, after 47 years, learning to love myself.

Joy is in knowing we are all connected. All matter is part of the same. When particles touch, their energy is exchanged. We always have and always will be part of each other. We are stardust. We are golden.

Joy is in finding gratitude, even through loss and the ever-present ache of missing ones I love.

Joy is in the feeling of belonging I experience as I step into my coworking space, my beloved community, my second home for the past decade. Smiling faces greeting me, hugs exchanged, opportunities for connections that nourish and inspire me.

Joy is in the dance as the music courses through my cells, compelling my body to respond, all on her own. My hips moving to the rhythms felt deep in my being, my hands an expression of the sensuous energy exchange and love for the movement coursing through my veins.

Joy is in showing up 100% me. Vulnerable, without shame. The courage to be open, even in the knowing that I will feel pain.

Joy is in the sound of birds entering my awareness as I slowly come to consciousness on a summer morning.

Joy is in the sound of the waves pounding the shore on a cold winter night when I have awoken and hear the reassuring meter of crescendos through my bedroom window.

Joy is in waking up another day. Knowing I will feel, will breathe, will laugh, cry, sing, dance and love another day in this amazing body, a universe in itself.

Joy is feeling my heart, wide open and in Love, beating the rhythm which gives me life.

Joy is Gratitude. Gratitude is Love. Love is Joy.

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