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Blog & Breakfast Thursdays

Members sitting in the Cafe at NextSpace actively blogging.

Members sitting in the Cafe at NextSpace actively blogging.

One of my favorite things about our community at NextSpace is watching the users define the experience. Today we kicked-off a community blogging event that many hope will spread across the globe. Spawned from a conversation between members Mahesh Grossman and Margaret Rosas, the idea is to provide a forum for people to get a weekly blog post out. By providing an incentive (breakfast), a goal (hitting the “update post” button) and a sense of belonging (many people gathered with an in kind goal) this event will serve to ease the self-induced pressure many people feel about getting their blog posts out.

While this version is local to NextSpace, the idea clearly has legs. A global “Blog and Tweet Thursday” movement just might take off. While the official Twitter hashtag has not actually been set, the two most popular are #babt (Blog and Breakfast Thursday) and #batt (Blog and Tweet Thursday). Mahesh thinks that it would be most powerful if people across the world were blogging and retweeting each others’ blogs at the same time and prefers the pure #babt. Margaret suggested the more global #batt. After all 8 am PST might be breakfast time here in California but it could be an early lunch in Maine and supper time in Tanzania. Looks like it might be a while before we get this one worked out. In the meantime it will be great to see people supported in posting regular web log updates. For instance this is my first one ever!

If you would like to join us, pop on up at 8 am on a Thursday morning. We’ll go till 9:30 officially, but you can stay as long as it takes to hit that update post button. As always, non-members are welcome to join us by purchasing a $10 day pass.

Ciao peeps, but only for now.

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